Mthembu Lodge Symbol

The symbol of the Mthembu Clan is the buffalo – a strong, powerful animal and considered as the most dangerous on the African continent, and is one of Africa’s Big 5.
It is a fitting symbol of the Mthembu Clan led by iNkosi Mthembu.

Mthembu Lodge is built on the configuration of the circle as it plays a meaningful part in shaping our lives and worlds.

Circles represent notions of wholeness and perfection. A circle is timeless – it has no beginning and has no end – as  does the Mthembu clan.

When you reside at Mthembu, you connect with two hundred years of history

The Lodge and its private villas have been painstakingly hand-built by members of the Mthembu Clan – stone by stone. Each one laid with a sensual understanding of the historical past.

Mthembu Lodge offers a sensual, quiet and naturally elegant definition of space, combining fresh innovative design and stylish African touches with a wealth of natural materials such as earthy woods, leather and brass. With 7 luxury suites and 2 family units these suites command magnificent views of the unsurpassed wilderness – so relish the experience of watching wildlife from the idyllic comfort of your private suite. Each suite is thoughtfully decorated and furnished with artistic flair, graceful furniture and local artefacts.
The focus of each suite is the guest’s utmost privacy and comfort, presenting a highly sophisticated fusion of modern elegance and the traditionally rich culture of the Zulu people. 

Savour the Mthembu Lodge with its spectacular vistas across the iMfolozi River. Just one further element that makes this a refuge for the 5 senses.
Enjoy the Lodge’s open areas, that underscore an easy going atmosphere where the Lodge tenders an array of mouth-watering fresh fish, meat and vegetable dishes – all reflective of the local cuisine, accompanied with thoughtful selected wines.
While the pureness of the wilderness surrounds you – your inner peace is catered for with a soothing-house wellness massage and treatment.

Mthembu Lodge – a place that gives you time to relax, regenerate and rediscover. An oasis of exclusivity for the discerning traveller.

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