Shaka Zulu conserved this land for eight months of the year to protect the endemic game. This was his hunting ground, his conservation area. Historians, academics, and conservationists have dreamed and motivated for years to establish a sustainable ecotourism node of this vast scale and importance.

This ambitious project unlocks the tourist appeal of the rich culture, history, and biodiversity of the land and its people, now and in the future. Local communities have seen the benefits of this amazing initiative, and have benefitted from their inclusion in its infrastructure, training, and employment, ultimately resulting in the conservation of the wildlife and wilderness.

There is a massive groundswell of support for this ongoing project. This is one of the final bastions of our wilderness and wildlife preservation.

mFulaWozi is a place of history, a place of culture, a place of wilderness and wildlife –on a scale that few have imagined seeing on this continent.

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