Our Purpose

MFulaWozi is a place of history, culture, wilderness, and wildlife. Its purpose is to protect and preserve both the wilderness and its local communities for generations to come. mFulaWozi is one of the final bastions of the Zulu nation and its wilderness and wildlife.

mFulaWozi is championing a sustainable model for socioeconomic development within the local communities which have been impacted over the last few years.

The upliftment of these disadvantaged communities have now allowed the communities to run the various initiatives, creating a resilient economic environment. This is a blueprint for a future where humans and wildlife can live and thrive together.

mFulaWozi is committed to the preservation of the Zulu history and culture. Zululand has a turbulent but fascinating history, and mFulaWozi’s legacy is to preserve this history and commit to the conservation of the Zulu culture.

When you visit mFulaWozi, you go on more than a safari, you contribute to the growth and development of the communities, their culture, and wildlife.


community upliftment


protecting the wilderness

respect the legacy of the land

protection of our heritage

mFulaWozi is not just about magnificent game viewing, delectable cuisine, and stunning décor, it’s about a journey of purpose, and the creation of a culture of mutual respect.

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