Meet Doctor Dlomo

“mFulaWozi has saved and changed my life”

He’s called Doctor, but Doc for short.

Doctor Dlomo has a wonderful story to tell – One of struggle, belief, commitment, and success.

Doc attended university, after completing Grade 12, and studied Social Work, but had to leave after the first semester due to financial issues, therefore he never completed his course and therefore was never registered.

He then decided to become an Ezemvelo KZN WildlifeRhino Ambassador. His job, for which he was not compensated, was to go door-to-door in the communities to explain to the residents the importance of preserving the rhino and not poaching them. He was not always welcomed into people’s homes. This is when he realised his calling with the wilderness. A life-long one.

Once that project expired he collected rubbish for 3 years to earn and save money. In 2012 he moved to Durban to study to eventually achieve a Level 2 Nature Guide degree. He subsequently spent time working in various camps around the province crafting his trade, finally securing a position at mFulaWozi (Then known as Umfolozi Big 5). It was here at mFulaWozi, that he felt for the first time in his life that he belonged somewhere. He was back home at last.

Doc loves the wilderness, but he also loves his job as the resident barman. It is his interaction with guests that he enjoys the most. He loves telling them of his wilderness escapades, and they enjoy listening to them just as much.

Doc believes he has the ‘dream’ job. Firstly he is back home with his community – the Mthembu clan. Secondly, he is being taught the necessary skills to become a field guide in his true love – the wilderness, and lastly as mFulaWozi’s barman, he gets to meet so many fascinating people.

He thanks mFulaWozi for giving him the opportunities to succeed and grow. We thank him for showing us what determination is and what being part of this community means.

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