In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks ~ John Muir

In the embodiment of the original Leadership School, initiated by the late Dr. Ian Player, mFulaWozi Wilderness continues his legacy of providing an authentic wilderness experience. 


This 4 day, 3-night wilderness trail is a life-changing experience, that evokes new respect and appreciation for our natural habitat in one of the last havens of large numbers of ungulates and the predators they support. 

Our carefully facilitated wilderness trails are conducted by Massimo Rebuzzi, with 17 years of experience in running trails in this area. He, with his rangers, have a deep understanding of the wilderness and will not only safeguard the participants but also enrich their experience. 

It is under their guidance that you will learn about the ecosystems, tracking techniques, interpretation of the sights and sounds of the wilderness, plus the rich history of Zululand and its inhabitants, their customs and traditions. 

It is virtually impossible to describe the feeling of being on foot in the wild, at the mercy of nature, listening to the roar of lions, on sensing the presence of elephants, the giants of the wilderness. It is here where you are one with nature – changing your perspective, stirring something deep inside, that will effect you for the rest of your life. 


Group of 1-5: R4 400 per person 

Group of 6: R4 250 per person

Group of 8: R3 700 per person 

This excludes the conservation fee of R250 per day which goes straight back into the community. 


  • The mFulaWozi Primitive trail is a 3 night, 4 day experience which is totally self-catering. 
  • Participants either supply their own equipment or rentals are available. 
  • A checklist of equipment and meal suggestions will be supplied when booking. 
  • Accommodation before and/or after the trail is optional. 
  • Our Wilderness Trails are brought to you by mFulaWozi Wilderness in partnership with African Bush Co. 

Witness moments that only a handful of humans will ever get to experience in their lifetimes. 

So be privileged to walk with the wilderness of mFulaWozi. If you are looking for that perspective of purpose that will change your life forever – take a walk on our wild side. 

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