mFulaWozi At Its Best

Contrary to popular belief, the optimum time to visit mFulaWozi is surprisingly during the months of April, May, June, July and August.

The visitor during this period is presented with daily clear blue skies and really pleasant daytime temperatures, less heat and humidity, with refreshing chilly morning and evenings. This is perfect for sitting around the roaring boma fires, enjoying the early morning coffee or late afternoon sundowners, while swopping tales of the day’s adventures and sightings.

But the most important reason above all to visit us in autumn and winter is because the dry season is deemed to be the best for animal viewing. It is during this period the animals tend to gather around the shrinking water sources, and the winter foliage is now thinned out allowing visitors unprecedented views of the animals which would normally be camouflaged from view.

These days are stunningly beautiful with very little wind and rain – just glorious hazy days and plenty of game viewing, especially in light of the fences between mFulaWozi and its neighbours iMfolozi Hluhluwe Reserves (HIP) having been dropped resulting in an abundance of wildlife sightings.

April is also a good time for bird watching with many migratory species present. mFulaWozi and neighbours are home to over 400 species of birds, many being endemic to this area only.

You will also see the foliage change colour with the grasses and trees turning shades of red, beige, yellow, sand and brown. It is a feast of colour for the eyes.

The autumn visitor will also discover very attractive off-peak season rates on offer plus an absence of peak crowds.

What better way to spend the mid-year breaks, because these seasons bring their own set adventures, experiences and unforgettable encounters.

April / May
Max: 24c / 79f
Min: 14c / 57f

June / July
Max: 25c / 77f
Min: 11c / 11c / 52f

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