Enjoy a Sensational Safari Spring Break

Enjoy a Sensational Safari Spring Break at mFulawozi Wilderness

Spring is a magical time to visit the mFulaWozi wilderness. The changing weather and glorious landscapes produce unforgettable images, the spring flowers transforming the wilderness into a beautiful, colourful landscape. The nights are warmer and more inviting while the days are spared the searing summer heat.

The season also welcomes vast flocks of migratory birds, returning to swell the existing population. The resulting plethora of species is a treat to behold.

The antelope population, including springbok, impala, wildebeest, blesbok, and steenbok, explodes with newborns, as this is their calving season after a 6-month gestation period. With the arrival of the young antelope, the predator activity naturally increases drastically to create an unbelievable wilderness viewing experience.

Just a 2,5-hour drive from Durban, this quiet retreat, mFulaWozi, is situated within the boundaries of the untouched wilderness of the Umfolozi and Hluhluwe Game Reserves.

mFulaWozi presents a new genre of game lodge experiences, demonstrating an understanding of the importance of architecture and design in the immersive nature of the wilderness experience. mFulaWozi has become a showcase for the finest wildlife experience that South Africa has to offer.

Inspiration is everywhere – from the walking trails, game drives, to the culinary riches that suspend belief. Give time permission to stand still for you in this sanctuary.

And for a truly unique 5-star safari experience, choose one of the two exquisite lodges in the mFulaWozi Reserve – Biyela Lodge or Mthembu Lodge.

Biyela Lodge

Biyela Lodge offers a sensual, quiet and naturally elegant definition of space, combining fresh innovative design and stylish African touches with a wealth of natural materials.

Each of the lodge’s 12 suites commands magnificent views of the unfolding wilderness. With transient herds of buffalo and elephant in close proximity, Biyela Lodge reflects a modern view of wilderness opulence. Understated and sleek, the emphasis is on exclusive sophistication and personal service – themes that are consistent throughout the suites.

Mthembu Lodge

Mthembu Lodge is an oasis of reserved eco-luxury. The lodge accommodates guests in 7 luxury standalone suites and 2 family suites. Mthembu Lodge is constructed from natural materials and the contemporary buildings are open and unpretentious.

The spectacular 180-degree views continue from every suite, allowing guests to imbibe the sights, smells and sounds of the surrounding wilderness.

Both properties form a harmonious link between the environment, the architecture, the interior design and the individual.

For a truly unique and unforgettable spring wilderness experience, choose to stay at one of these two lodges. Whether you relax beside the infinity pool or succumb to a traditional massage among the fresh aromas of the wilderness, you’ll discover that revitalisation takes on a new dimension at mFulaWozi.

Visit us this spring to indulge in everything that mFulaWozi has to offer – allow the invigorating environment to soothe your body and soul.

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