mFulaWozi Symbol

mFulawozi is a wilderness that has a legacy steeped in unparalleled history, stretching back hundreds of years. A history that encompasses Shaka Zulu, King of the Zulus as mFulaWozi was his seasonal hunting grounds. The region was also the original home of the late Dr Ian Player who pioneered the revival of the endangered White Rhinoceroses from the brink of extinction.
Two legends in their own rights.

It was therefore fitting that the symbol of mFulaWozi was portrayed in a symbolic manner reflecting the essence of this extraordinary wilderness, its people and its heritage.

mFulaWozi is the area where the Black iMfolozi and White iMfolozi Rivers confluent, and the sound that emanate from the river reeds when the wind blows through them, is described as mFulaWozi – a fitting tribute.

The symbol is comprised of many shapes, each one symbolising a specific genre or interpretation that encapsulates part of our identity.

1. The Circle: Sustainability
Our purpose is to instill sustainable social systems that allow for the land to be responsibly activated, experienced, appreciated and ultimately supported. This is represented by a perfect circle.

2. The Two Half Circles: Coming Together
These represent the mergence of the two rivers but simultaneously a sign of unity and strength. But this is not the only significant moment of merging, there is the coming together of the local people and developer, building a partnership to protect this last piece of wilderness in South Africa. Two half circles merging is a powerful symbol of unity and strength.

3. The Reeds: Nature’s wind orchestra
The river provides sustenance to the communities and wildlife, and it is therefore fitting that the reeds are the orchestra that pays homage to all that surrounds it with the melody of mFulaWozi.

5. The Zulu Shield: Zulu Legacy
A fitting symbol that represents the wilderness and the Zulu culture – a culture that mirrors the Zulu history.

6. The Eyes: Wildlife
The eyes represents the souls of the wildlife. Forever open, forever on guard over the wilderness.

7. The Central Human Form: Community
These are our resident communities. Those that are custodians of this prime wilderness It is these communities that empower the sustainability of this land. They are the past, present and the future.

8. The Zigzag Lines: Wilderness
As the only true Wilderness space in this country, we have the honour of guarding it while activating it, allowing others to experience it and ultimately guard it too. We revere true wilderness in all that we do. Honour the land, this sacred land.

9. The Roots: Life
The river and the land give life to the animals and vegetation.  Which in turn give life to the people. There is perpetual energy and growth in this place and so we reveal this through roots and trees, through water moving.

Through a series of simple shapes, the symbol of mFulaWozi has become more than just an symbol – it’s a emblem of meaning, perpetual energy that is constantly emerging. It is an icon, a mark, a crest, a logo – a symbol that relates and perpetuates a story of history, courage, feats and ultimately a legacy.
It is a symbol from which all the other symbols of lodges’ on mFulaWozi will emanate.

mFulaWozi is a symbol of uniqueness, grounded in the soul of Zululand, its wilderness and in its people.

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