Primitive Trails

MFulaWozi is a place of history, culture, wilderness and wildlife.
Its purpose is to protect and preserve both the wilderness and its local communities for generations to come.
mFulaWozi is one of the final bastions of the Zulu nation and its wilderness and wildlife.

Our primitive trails allow you to connect with your roots, with the environment, and endeavours to take you back to basics. There are many lessons to be learnt as you are exposed to the grandeur of the landscapes and the magnificence of the wildlife – up close.

This is not hike, or a walk, or a safari – it is a profound experience that is impossible to replicate or articulate.

Our Primitive Trails are undertaken in the mFulaWozi Private Game Reserve which borders the iMfolozi and Hluhluwe Game Reserves, in Northern Zululand, both being the oldest wilderness area in Africa. With the removal of the game fences, it allows all wildlife unfettered access to all three reserves.

These are a completely immersive experience. One where you become a participant and not a spectator of the wilderness and its natural inhabitants.

connect with your roots

awaken your senses

disconnect from the world

explore the wilderness

reignite your instincts

return to civilization changed

mFulaWozi is not just about magnificent game viewing, delectable cuisine, and stunning décor, it’s about a journey of purpose, and the creation of a culture of mutual respect.

It is a unique way to explore and reconnect with the wilderness, where all members carry everything they need for the duration of the trail. The group sets its own pace.

There are no designated campsites, no tents and no set trails. You sleep under the stars enjoying the spectacle of the night sky, with each member sharing the duty of standing watch.

You will come in contact with a plethora of all forms of wildlife. The big and the small. The docile and dangerous.

Every effort is made to avoid any man made structures and activities as much as possible.

The trail guides are an encyclopaedia of integrated knowledge of the wilderness. Knowledge that is not gained from books, but through years of experience. Knowledge that will stimulate and educate each participant.

Your final night will be spent at the mFulaWozi luxury lodge – Mthembu.

Set on a hilltop, deep within the reserve’s untouched wilderness, overlooking the White iMfolozi River, it provides the guest with unprecedented views of the reserve and the herds of animals that come down to drink.

Mthembu Lodge is an oasis of unreserved eco-luxury. It’s the perfect haven to rest, relax and recuperate after the trail, whist you sit back and absorb your experience, enjoying the many luxuries offered by the lodge and its staff.

When you visit mFulaWozi, you go on more than a safari, you contribute to the growth and development of the communities, their culture and wildlife.

Our Primitive Trails are low-impact tourism, which not only supports the local community in various initiatives, provides an income stream, but also helps in training many for various positions in hospitality and field guiding qualifications.

When you partake in a Primitive Trail in mFulaWozi, you not only change your life but those of many others as well. They serve to regenerate economic models for the surrounding communities.

mFulaWozi Primitive Trails await you.

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